Tuesday, January 15, 2013



This is my final and 4th, final and scheduled 
Below I am attaching so photos so that once I get back I plan on doing the tutorial that has already been up and has a voting poll WHICH YOU CAN STILL VOTE FOR ON THE RIGHT –––––––>
And this next task. 

In this new year,  I need your help! I need Inspiration!! 

Below I will label the photos a, b, c ect and you have to tell me which tutorial you would like to see me re - create! I will post another poll once I get back but feel free to comment below! 

Every photo below is of me at different events.  So I will be home in 2 days and ready to answer your emails!!  Please mind my face, I chose the best ones to see my eyeshadow 

Pray for me hahahaha I hate flying!!!! 

Ciao Ciao 
Deanna Xx

A - Blue / Silver smokey

 B - Golden / Bronze Goddess

 C - False lashes - Simple

D - Mermaid 

 E - Red Lip 

F - Pink lip - Blue Smokey 

Sunday, January 13, 2013

Have you voted?!


Hey guys this is a friendly reminder while I am away, to help me pick a picture for me to make a tutorial of!

You can vote on the right of my page, and you only have 18 days left if you have not already! You can vote for both or just one! Thanks for voting!!

Ciao Ciao
Xx Deanna

Saturday, January 12, 2013

IVORYSTORMMAKEUP's Top 10 Tips learned


Every year, I try different products, establish different ways of doing things ect. I am 17 turning 18 this  years,  and have started doing makeup when I was 14, so almost 5 years, of practice has helped me developed these tips which I use every time I put on make up, which I would love to share with you, so I hope you enjoy!

IVORYSTORMMAKEUP's Top 10 Tips learned VIDEO!!

Thanks For Watching! I would love it if you posted me your favourite beauty tip that i could try!!

Ciao Ciao
Deanna Xx

Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Come fly with me, Lets fly lets fly away..


So as this post is going to air, im am taking off from Melbourne to get to my destination, the USA!! 

So I the idiot I am, forgot to photograph the makeup and beauty items i am bring before my bag was locked, so i promise once I get back i will show show you what I bringing as i am taking the bare minimum, because i am firstly only going for 2 weeks and secondly plan on buying a LOT of make up over there! 

So wish me luck as i am S**T scared of flying but oh well hahaha! Stay tuned i have pure awesomeness planed! Excuse me if i dont reply to comments or emails as I am not sure if i will get internet at my hotel in Vegas!! 

Ciao Ciao 
Xx Deanna 

Sunday, January 6, 2013

Do you want to see this nail art tutorial?


So I know I am going a little post crazy, but I have this nail design on my nails, and I thought because I am very very bad at nail designs, I would do this, for all those beginners out there?
Let me know!!

So once I get back I will have loads of things to show you! The camera I used on the computer was really bad so the photo is not clear, but the design is a purple and blue vibrant ombre nail with glitter.

Let me know, my lovely readers!! BTW I am unsure if I get internet access in the hotel I am going to so I have set up a series of scheduled posts,  I think there is about 4 for you to enjoy, so future apologies to those who I dont respond to! 

Ciao Ciao
Xx Deanna



Im looking to adapt one of these looks for a beginner tutorial, So if i can figure this out, i plan on putting a vote on the side with look A -  Which is the blue and purple, neutral smokey eye, and.. 

Look B - Which is a blue and purple smokey eye. 

The voting box will be on the right –––––––> side of your screen. 
Thanks to those people who do vote! It really is much appreciated! 

Ciao Ciao
Xx Deanna

How to: Deep Clean Makeup Brushes!


Here is my How to video on 'How to deep clean Makeup Brushes'.
I had a lot of fun making this, so if you have any other request for me i would be so glad to make one! 

Thanks so much for watching, and im sorry I have not posted in a while, i had an extremely busy Christmas and New year! 

Big news!! I am going on vacation to the U.S for Two weeks, which I will do a small blog about with pictures ect, but I plan on going to sephora, ulta, target, ect so prepare for a large larGE LARGE U.S haul! I have another blog which im about to post so stay tuned!! 

Here is the link to the video!


Ciao Ciao 

Xx Deanna 

Sunday, December 23, 2012

Christmas nails!

Oh Christmas tree, Oh christmas tree, your leaves are so unchanging!


Merry Christmas and happy holidays to everyone world wide!! I hope everyone is safe these holidays, and has their most enjoyable christmas yet! 

So i was extremely inspired to do a christmas tree nail art tutorial but, in Australia, it is two days till christmas, and with last minuet shopping, due to finishing my last year 11 term late, I have not had a chance. So you guys don't miss out, I found an extremely, quick and easy nail art tutorial, which is so quick to copy! I have done this look so many times and actually have it on my nails no. Just ensure you allow enough time to completely dry before peeling of the tape. 

I hope you like the picture, leave me a comment telling me if you like it! Once again, Merry christmas, and stay tuned tomorrow, for a golden eye, red lip christmas extravaganza! 
Don't forget,  if you have any comments or questions, feel free to email me! 


Ciao Ciao 
Deanna Xx

Friday, December 21, 2012

Curl Virtue! Part 1


So I couldn't come up with anything to name the title of my curl tutorial series so i went on one of those stupid name generators and 'Curl Virtue' is what came up.  If you think thats bad, there are some 1000 times worse.  But if you don't like it, suck it up. 

So here is my first hair tutorial and video, i am going to hopefully put the video with this video but i will also put the link to the video, as i uploaded it to youtube, but it is set on private so only people with the link can see it. 

I am also attaching the a photo which tayla assembled on instagram, which you can follow her ( @taylakrepp )  which was taken right after I completed the look, then the photo of myself on the left and Tayla on the right that evening which was taken at least 6 hours later. 

So i hope you enjoy and learn something from my look.  I am by no means a professional so please dont judge,  I will take criticism as long as it is constructive.   Thanks for reading!! 
Ciao Ciao 
Deanna Xx

Thursday, December 20, 2012

Prepare yourselves!!


I have not yet decided what to curl, the following tutorials which i will be up loading, but i will be showing how to get beautiful,  casual and evening curls,  as well as with no heat curls,  how to make curls last, along with some of my favourite products for styling! 

Below is a sneak peak at what i have in store for you! These are my long lasting curls, modelled by my friend tayla! Stay tuned in how to get curls using a 1 inch curling barrel that hold naturally straight hair! 

Thanks for reading!

Ciao Ciao
Xx Deanna 

Pin up Girl - Make Up Tutorial


Here is the first of hopefully one of my many 'themed' tutorials.  It as the title states is a Pin up girl tutorial. I have attached photos which match a number. So please refer to each image to get a better understanding! I hope you like it! If you are unclear about anything leave me a comment. 
I am just beginning so any help, I am all ears. Please also, share with your friends!   :) 

1 )
  • Exfoliate, your face, applying a thin layer of moisturizer all over, being sure you moisturize you’re neck. 
  • Apply a layer of your favorite moisturizing lip balm. 
  • Prime you’re face, especially if you have oily spin like myself trying to use a oil free primer, with minimum 15 SPF.
  • Apply you’re own personal foundation routine, ensuring to contouring and highlight if possible.
  • Ensure you either set your make up with a pressed or translucent powder or finishing spray for long lasting coverage. 
2 )

I recommend brown or gold colours for this look.  ( use photo 6 ) 
  • You will need a maximum of 3 colours for the eye shadow.
  • My light was not very good, so it does not look to detailed.
  • Attached below is a simple picture to help clarify my instructions.
  • Place a white shimmery or matt colour into area ‘c’ or the highlight section. 
  • In section ‘a’ place your second lightest shadow over 2/3 of the eyelid starting from the inner corner. 
  • In the outer 3rd of the eyelid, and the crease (section ‘b’) place the fourth and darkest colours.  
  • Line your top lash line with a black eyeliner of your choice, being sure to ‘wing it’. 
3 ) 
  • Line your lips with a red liner or lip stain. Apply your favorite  red gloss or lipstick. 
4 ) 
  • Curl your fringe or bangs ( I think that’s how it’s spelt ) just like a pin up girl, styling the rest of your hair as you wish.
  • I have tayla’s hair in a side bun. 
5 )
  • Here is the finished look on my beautiful friend and model tayla! 







Ciao Ciao 

Xx Deanna 

I'm Back!!


So I really wanted to do this blog, but before I was ever able to put anything up, my computer had some issues and up until yesterday was un-able to access my blog! How convenient!  But like the title says, I'm back, and hopefully to stay.

 I have some things I had already made, before my log out, which I will be posting as soon as I can, but they are not in the order I had wanted, but,  I guess its better late and out of order than never!! 

Like always,  Please be respectful as these to girls are volentering to help me, out of the goodness of their hearts, so if you have any comments or questions, feel free to email me! 


Ciao Ciao 
Deanna Xx

Monday, October 15, 2012

Meet Tayla!


This is my second and beautiful model!
Like i said before, Please be respectful as these to girls are volentering to help me, out of the goodness of their hearts, so if you have any comments or questions, feel free to email me! 

Prepare you're selves for beauty goodness, in the coming days!!


Ciao Ciao 
Deanna Xx

Hi lovelies heart

My name is Tayla and I'm proud to say I'm one of the beautiful Deanna's models for this blog! I'm pretty good at pouting and posing while Dee's the pro at styling so this should be fun! 

So I'm 17 years old and in year 11. My style would be described as.. messy and incomplete (or as the girls call it, indie/homeless)! I have brown hair and brown eyes, so I prefer my makeup as shades of nudes/light pinks/browns and the occasional black smoky eye (that Dee usually does for me because I.am.hopeless). The main beauty products I use are mascara, eyeliner, powder foundation, and some lip balm - these are mainly 'Kiko' products that I bought in Italy and Lucas' pawpaw. My hair is usually curled and just left down or piled on top of my head in a messy bun as I can't do much else! 

I'm really looking forward to modelling for this amazing blog, the owner is definitely a pro at what she does!\

Love, Tayla xx

Meet Siobhan!!


Like i said in my last post, I told you I have some of my beautiful best friends helping me out. This is my first amazing friend and model Siobhan! 

I have asked my two models, to do a little getting to know you piece. Just so you wonderful readers could know, two of what will be my very prominent models. Later this evening you will be able to meet the other. 

Please be respectful as these to girls are volentering to help me, out of the goodness of their hearts, so if you have any comments or questions, feel free to email me! 

Thank you again for all of the wonderful viewers! Dont forget to subscribe, and sign up to recieve my post via email! 


Here we go! :)

Ciao Ciao
Deanna Xx

Hey hey, 
My names Siobhan and i'll be helping Deanna out by letting her use my pretty face to teach you all the tips and tricks of the make up world. 
A little bit about myself is not to much at all. 
Im 17 years old and living in Australia, still in school soaking up all that lovely education. 
My favourite colour is blue and legit everything i have is blue fan ipod phone. 
Favourite make brands Mac Rimmel and Nude by Nature. 
My favourite make up look is the bronze smokey eye with intense lashes because it makes my eyes looks amazing. (i'm modest to guys) 
If you ever meet me outside of school and netball i will be wearing leggings because thats my fav piece of clothing owning over 13 pairs. 
You can find a place to put blue eyed and hair chances colour like melbourne weather.

Siobhan Xx

Sunday, October 14, 2012



Below is a photo, (myself on the right) and one of my beautiful best friends! She has kindly agreed to be my first model! It is still to be confirmed wether i will do a getting to know me post as she will be one of my frequent models, but i shall keep you informed. 

Together we have completed a step by step make up tutorial and a 'how to' video.  Both of which will be posted this week along with some other personal blogs such as my favourite products and possibly some basic tutorials. 

I never imagined in under 5 days to have readers form anywhere other than Australia! I have been pleasantly surprised to have some readers from Germany or even Romania! So a big thank you to everyone! Especially my fellow Australians! Thank you for all of the lovely emails i have received as well, it is a nice feeling knowing my work is being acknowledged. 

Please tell me if you have any requests, or if you have any queries or questions relating to what i upload or anything in relation to 'glamour', i would love to hear from you! :) Dont forget to follow! 

Ciao Ciao
Deanna Xx