Thursday, December 20, 2012

Pin up Girl - Make Up Tutorial


Here is the first of hopefully one of my many 'themed' tutorials.  It as the title states is a Pin up girl tutorial. I have attached photos which match a number. So please refer to each image to get a better understanding! I hope you like it! If you are unclear about anything leave me a comment. 
I am just beginning so any help, I am all ears. Please also, share with your friends!   :) 

1 )
  • Exfoliate, your face, applying a thin layer of moisturizer all over, being sure you moisturize you’re neck. 
  • Apply a layer of your favorite moisturizing lip balm. 
  • Prime you’re face, especially if you have oily spin like myself trying to use a oil free primer, with minimum 15 SPF.
  • Apply you’re own personal foundation routine, ensuring to contouring and highlight if possible.
  • Ensure you either set your make up with a pressed or translucent powder or finishing spray for long lasting coverage. 
2 )

I recommend brown or gold colours for this look.  ( use photo 6 ) 
  • You will need a maximum of 3 colours for the eye shadow.
  • My light was not very good, so it does not look to detailed.
  • Attached below is a simple picture to help clarify my instructions.
  • Place a white shimmery or matt colour into area ‘c’ or the highlight section. 
  • In section ‘a’ place your second lightest shadow over 2/3 of the eyelid starting from the inner corner. 
  • In the outer 3rd of the eyelid, and the crease (section ‘b’) place the fourth and darkest colours.  
  • Line your top lash line with a black eyeliner of your choice, being sure to ‘wing it’. 
3 ) 
  • Line your lips with a red liner or lip stain. Apply your favorite  red gloss or lipstick. 
4 ) 
  • Curl your fringe or bangs ( I think that’s how it’s spelt ) just like a pin up girl, styling the rest of your hair as you wish.
  • I have tayla’s hair in a side bun. 
5 )
  • Here is the finished look on my beautiful friend and model tayla! 







Ciao Ciao 

Xx Deanna 


  1. Perfect makeup application - your model is lucky to have you doing her makeup! She is beautiful!

  2. Thank you Candice!! I'm lucky to have her!!
    Deanna xxx