Sunday, January 6, 2013

Do you want to see this nail art tutorial?


So I know I am going a little post crazy, but I have this nail design on my nails, and I thought because I am very very bad at nail designs, I would do this, for all those beginners out there?
Let me know!!

So once I get back I will have loads of things to show you! The camera I used on the computer was really bad so the photo is not clear, but the design is a purple and blue vibrant ombre nail with glitter.

Let me know, my lovely readers!! BTW I am unsure if I get internet access in the hotel I am going to so I have set up a series of scheduled posts,  I think there is about 4 for you to enjoy, so future apologies to those who I dont respond to! 

Ciao Ciao
Xx Deanna

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