Tuesday, January 15, 2013



This is my final and 4th, final and scheduled 
Below I am attaching so photos so that once I get back I plan on doing the tutorial that has already been up and has a voting poll WHICH YOU CAN STILL VOTE FOR ON THE RIGHT –––––––>
And this next task. 

In this new year,  I need your help! I need Inspiration!! 

Below I will label the photos a, b, c ect and you have to tell me which tutorial you would like to see me re - create! I will post another poll once I get back but feel free to comment below! 

Every photo below is of me at different events.  So I will be home in 2 days and ready to answer your emails!!  Please mind my face, I chose the best ones to see my eyeshadow 

Pray for me hahahaha I hate flying!!!! 

Ciao Ciao 
Deanna Xx

A - Blue / Silver smokey

 B - Golden / Bronze Goddess

 C - False lashes - Simple

D - Mermaid 

 E - Red Lip 

F - Pink lip - Blue Smokey 

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